Shimano on Social Media

How to keep in touch with Shimano Europe on Social Media?

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and various other networks. Choose your favorite way to connect and tune in for a look behind the scenes, the latest product news, local quizzes and personal service.


Thank you all for your support the last couple of years in building two great communities on Facebook with Shimano Road on one hand and Shimano MTB on the other.

Besides this two pages there were a lot of other Facebook pages of Shimano Sales offices in different regions posting local content about Shimano to engage with you, the end consumer. 

The Shimano Bike department has now merged all those Shimano Facebook pages into the two disciplines distinctive Shimano pages to service you even better with engaging content and to keep the conversation going.

Please make sure you follow your discipline (Road or MTB) or if you are a multidiscipline athlete please follow both. In most cases you will receive local and general Shimano engaging content in your own language. We try to speak as local with you as possible to get you the best experience with our brand by sharing inspirational, educational and promotional content. Besides that, we of course will offer local customer service on all the questions that we receive on our Facebook pages. 

See below which regions and languages will be represented on the Shimano Bike Facebook pages. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook. We will try to help you in the best way we can, to guarantee we stay connected. 

For both Shimano Road and Shimano MTB pages we’ll have to following regions:

  • Netherlands/ Belgium  – Dutch
  • Germany – German
  • Italy – Italian
  • France – French
  • Turkey – Turkish
  • Poland – Polish
  • Sweden – Swedish
  • Norway - Norwegian (bokmal)
  • Finland – Finnish
  • Denmark – Danish
  • Spain – Spanish
  • United States / Canada - English
  • Chili - Spanish
  • Argentina - Spanish
  • Brazil – Portuguese
  • Mexico – Spanish
  • Costa Rica – Spanish
  • Ecuador – Spanish
  • Australia - English
  • New Zealand - English
  • Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia/ Thailand/ Philippines / Vietnam/ Cambodia/ India/ Bangladesh / Nepal / Sri Lanka  – English
  • South Korea - Korean

You normally will be redirected to the right market page based on your profile settings or IP address. If not, you can choose yourself which Shimano Road or MTB regions you'd like to follow.

Choose your discipline and connect!




For Twitter we also work with the two different disciplines setup: Road & MTB. We use Twitter for real time sports marketing updates, event reporting, the latest product news and answers to your questions and/or requests.






Instagram is the area where we, with high quality images empower Shimano fans to celebrate cycling, passion and creativity.  Share your riding adventures with #RideShimano and join the community.






Youtube is the shop window to our world of cycling, demonstrating: our people, our expertise, our enthusiasm, our access to events, teams and athletes





Flickr is for sharing fresh, authentic and behind the scenes photo material of races, events and products.






Periscope is our live video streaming where we take you “into the moment” at races and events. Explore the cycling world in real time through the eyes of Shimano.